Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have any of you bloggers using Blogger received an email from them in arabic? I just received the following message - strangee no?

وبلاگ شما، ، به نام کاربری اشتراک Google مربوط شده است. لطفاً برای ورود به سیستم Blogger و دسترسی به وبلاگ خود از این نام کاربری اشتراک Google استفاده کنید.

اگر رمز ورود خود را فراموش کرده ايد می توانيد با کليک کردن بر روی پيوند مقابل آنرا بازيابی کنيد:

این اشتراک عضوی از وبلاگهای زیر است:
در صورت بروز هرگونه مشکل یا سؤالات دیگر، لطفاً به سایت راهنمای ما در مراجعه کنید.

با احترام،
تيم Blogger

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crime Fiction Update

For those who enjoy watching crime dramas, PBS's Masterpiece Mystery will be airing a new series based on the Henning Mankell books featuring detective Kurt Wallender. Kenneth Branaugh plays Wallender and is co-producing the series. His involvement will hopefully ensure a good adaptation and production. Apparently he's quite the fan of Mankell, which has me rethinking my original opinion of the books. I only read one and didn't think it great especially compared to may favorites Martin Cruz Smith and James Church. But, if Branaugh loves them perhaps they get better or there's more to them than I'm giving Hankell credit for. Or Branaugh isn't as discriminating in his detective fiction reading as I am. Even if I hated the books, I'd still tune in to watch the series as it may be better than the books. Shooting will be on location in southern Sweden.

Friday, January 09, 2009

A New Audience for Morrissey

Who knew Morrissey would be a hit with the barely born set? When Thorne gets fussy Morrissey's crooning of Moon River calms her right down. Once she reaches the wolverine hour (as her doctor calls it ), those hours between 10pm and 1am when she becomes inconsolable, we're desperate for any technique that will soothe her. Another soporific influence is Cat Power. Steve will sway with her in his arms to the somnolent sounds of CP and invariably Thorne will nod off. I could drink ten cups of coffee and still fall asleep to Cat Power - makes me think she might be anemic.