Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day at the Gardens

The day started off rough. I was grumpy from fighting a cold and taking it out on Thorne in the form of impatience at her little mishaps. Thorne in return was feeding off my impatience by getting ornery and cranky. We needed to get out of the apartment pronto. The day was crisp and cool with fluffy white clouds in the west and dark foreboding ones in the east- ideal for a stroll through Huntington Gardens. We couldn't have planned a more perfect day as the cherry trees, plum trees, and quince trees were bursting with blooms.

Thorne being coy and cute.

I told Thorne to smile for the camera and she gave me her impression of a maniacal baby strangler. Behind her is a magnificent "Pink Cloud" cherry tree.

We had a delightful time together. The fresh air and beautiful surroundings were just what we needed for an attitude adjustment.