Friday, September 16, 2005

Kissing Judases

Os Guiness rebukes the pseudo Christian leaders who are corrupting mainline denominations. Following are some excerpts from a recent speech he gave to a worldwide gathering of Anglicans as reported by The Layman:

"Soren Kierkegaard called them 'kissing Judases' – followers of Jesus who betray
him with an interpretation."

Guinness said liberal denominational leaders have followed to a fault
Friedrich Schleiermacher's plea that Christians reach out to "the cultured
despisers of the gospel." Rather than reach them to convert them, said Guinness,
the current church leadership has joined and become like cultured despisers of
the gospel, no longer being faithful to Jesus Christ.

Guinness labeled the current ecclesiastical state
as "an Alice in Wonderland Church in which Christian leaders now openly deny
what all Christians have believed and many have died to defend; Christian
leaders who celebrate what their faith once castigated; Christian leaders who
advance views closer to their foes than to their founder; and Christian leaders
who deny the faith, but stay on shamelessly as leaders of the faith they

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Celebrity Weather

For a dramatic reading of LA weather, and yes we do have weather contrary to popular belief, check out this celebrity's site for a daily update. Apparently his report is getting affiliated. At least that's what I think his last remark suggests.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Time Line of Local, State, Federal efforts in LA

Check out Rick Moran's website for a time line of all the efforts in Lousiana. A fascinating read of who knew or said what and when. It may confirm or blow away your perceptions of the effort, or a little bit of both. People were so shocked and horrified that Michael Brown didn't know there were evacuees in the Convention Center a place that was never mentioned in the emergency evacuation plans. Well, it sounds like Brown wasn't the only one who didn't know. (HT:Hugh Hewitt)


Friday, September 02, 2005

That Bitch Katrina

What are those looters going to do with the junk they stole? Seriously, they're in the middle of a massive natural disaster with untold consequences to life and livelihoods and all they can think to do is to steal trifles. An ipod, a flat screen TV, a camera, a carton of A1 Steak Sauce are all trifles compared to the drama raging around them. What is going on in the souls of these people that they can focus on stealing crap while people surround them wailing and gnashing their teeth. How does one put the lust for a material possession before the safety of their own life? Where are they going to watch that TV when they have no home? How are they going to charge that ipod when there's no electricity? How will they eat that steak sauce when there's no food? It's absurd. It's deeply disturbing. It's human nature.

Then you have the blame game. Everyone's going to come out dirty in this game. The blame starts local and moves up. Ain't no one going to escape the mud. Government corruption of the kind that ran rampant in Lousiana and New Orleans for decades leaves the state weak when it most needs to be strong--natural (and unnatural) disasters. Too bad it's the people who pay.